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What good is dental prophylaxis, better known as a dental cleaning? Well, just think about all of the damage that plaque can do when it remains nestled between your teeth, in your gum pockets, and stuck between your teeth and gums. Of course, you brush and floss every day. Maybe you even use a good quality dental rinse. We at Amesbury Family Dental want you to know that all of those things are smart and they do help to prevent the majority of tooth decay and gum disease. But plaque is a sneaky thing. And when it sticks around, hardens, and turns into tartar, well then you really have a problem because no amount of brushing and flossing will remove it. Only our Amesbury dentist, Dr. Sanford Greenberg, and dental prophylaxis will take care of that.

Dental Exam Amesbury
Dental Exam Amesbury

A twice yearly dental exam involves a visual inspection of your teeth and gums and a set of x-rays to get a close-up view of any cavities that may have formed. But even filling a cavity won’t do a thing to prevent other cavities from forming. To do that, the plaque, tartar, food particles, and bacteria that have managed to stay hidden from your daily oral hygiene routine will keep eroding you tooth enamel and possibly causing gum irritation and eventually inflammation if they are not addressed by dental prophylaxis. Our Amesbury dentist will set you back on the road to optimal dental and periodontal health with a simple, safe, effective, and painless cleaning.

The benefits of dental prophylaxis are far reaching. If those enemies of your teeth and gums are not cleaned out, they will continue to wreak havoc. A small cavity can turn into a larger cavity; that can result in an infection deep in the pulp of your tooth that may require root canal therapy. In the worst case scenario, a tooth can become decayed beyond efficient repair, leading to an extraction. As for your gums, gingivitis- the first stage of gum disease- may only be bothersome and cause irritation. But periodontitis- the later stage of gum disease- can lead to loss of gum tissue and bone tissue, causing your teeth to become loose and possibly fall out. That’s the last thing our Amesbury dentist wants and the last thing you want too. Call us today and schedule an appointment for dental prophylaxis. There is no easier way to be good to your teeth and gums.

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