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Periodontal Therapy Amesbury

Are you constantly feeling anxious about your trips to the dentist, despite the needs of your ailing oral health? Periodontitis can be a difficult oral disease to fight, and requires regular visits to your local Amesbury family dentist at least every six months in order to stop any further harm from coming to your smile. However, anxiety just over the sound of a drill can make it difficult to book an appointment. Fortunately, drill treatments are quickly becoming a thing of the past. For drill-free care that is truly safer and healthier for your smile, book your next appointment with Amesbury Family Dental and ask how laser-assisted periodontal therapy can work for you.

Gum Disease Treatments Amesbury
Gum Disease Treatments Amesbury

Drills are problematic in the land of dentistry for patients and doctors alike. For patients, they create pressure and vibration that can cause discomfort. For doctors, drills create greater loss of gum tissues, require anesthesia, and require additional care to insure infections do not occur after treatment. Fortunately, you can find the treatments you need to control gum disease without the drills you never want to hear the sound of with laser-assisted periodontal therapy at your professional Amesbury family dentist. Lasers increase patient comfort with friction-free care that also works to seal off the nerve endings as they work, allowing for anesthesia that never needs a needle. Lasers are not only more comfortable, but they are also more effective. Unlike a drill, a laser immediately kills bacteria on contact, making it the most effective way to treat gum disease and stop the spread of periodontitis. The guided technology of a laser insures that only problem areas are treated with no harm at all coming to the rest of your mouth. As a laser works to immediately seal off any openings in the tissues, they work to insure less trauma and a far short recovery time, making the ideal for pocket reduction surgery as they work to reattach gum lines and remove bacteria in one simple treatment with no need for scalpels or stitches at all. With the use of the Erbium lasers your gum lines are far less inflamed, allowing for many patients to immediately go back to enjoying their favorite foods and drinks as they like it without cringing from post-procedure pains.

For a dentist who is truly as dedicated to your comfort as they are your oral health, be sure to book your next appointment with your neighborhood Amesbury family dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the state of the art practice of Amesbury Family Dental have been proudly serving your local community for over 33 years with the most advanced technology. With laser-assisted periodontal therapy from Amesbury Family Dental you can gain the healthy smile you need, without the pain you don’t.

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