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Amesbury Laser Dentist

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Amesbury Laser Dentist
Amesbury Laser Dentist

If you think that dental visits are scary and you tighten up at the very sight of a drill, then we at Amesbury Family Dental have something very exciting to tell you about. As part of our commitment to using the most advanced technology and equipment in the service of your optimal dental care, we’re please to offer laser dentistry. Say goodbye to needles because our Amesbury laser dentist can perform a variety of dental procedures without using them at all. And drills are used much more sparingly. You can feel totally confident because laser dentistry is both effective and safe. 

So does no needles mean no anesthesia? Yes, but don’t go running in the other direction. You still won’t feel any pain. Lasers seal off your nerve endings and therefore give you the same numbing effect as if you had gotten it done with the use of a needle. Not all anesthesia can be done this way, but as many as 70% of them can. In addition to avoiding the discomfort and the trepidation caused by needles, you won’t have to walk around feeling numb after your visit to our Amesbury laser dentist. You can eat right after your appointment.

The advantages offered by laser dentistry are apparent when you consider that this method has quicker healing times, less bleeding and inflammation, and is more efficient at killing bacteria. Our Amesbury laser dentist can do typical treatments such as root canal therapy, cosmetic procedures including porcelain veneers, and restorations like dental implants and crowns all with the use of lasers. It may seem too good to be true, but rest assured that the benefits are very real. 

Perhaps the most common reason why patients don’t come in as often as necessary for dental care is that they are afraid of pain. Our Amesbury laser dentist understands this and that’s why our office goes to such great lengths to make certain that you can get the best experience possible when you come to see us. Laser dentistry is a huge part of that. For patients who are particularly sensitive to pain, a local anesthetic may still be used as a measure to ensure the highest level of comfort.


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