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Merrimac oral exams

Dentist in Merrimac
Dentist in Merrimac

Taking good care of your teeth isn’t really all that complicated, so long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Eat a nutritious diet, watch your sugar consumption, brush after meals, floss daily, and make an appointment twice per year to see us at Amesbury Family Dental. Our dentist in Merrimac will perform a comprehension oral exam that includes checking your teeth, gums, and bite; a teeth cleaning; and a screening for oral cancer.

A physical and visual examination of your teeth will allow our dentist in Merrimac to notice any loose teeth, fillings, or restorations. In addition, any abnormalities will be noted. X-rays are a vital, because they reveal what’s going on inside your teeth, beyond what the naked eye can detect. Catching a small cavity now prevents it from growing and making you more prone to an infection, needing root canal therapy, or having to get a tooth extracted. And even better, our x-rays are all done digitally. This means that you’re exposed to a lot less radiation than with standard x-rays; as much as two-thirds less.

Your gums, as a foundation for your teeth, are crucial to your dental health. The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If our dentist in Merrimac finds signs of it, the good news is that it can usually be reversed with a simple teeth cleaning (or two). Speaking of which, this is the part of your twice-yearly exam that really sets the stage for the future well-being of your teeth and gums. Plaque is the number one enemy of your oral health, causing both tooth decay and gum disease. The small amounts that get left behind when you brush and floss can harden into tartar, which cannot be removed except with a professional cleaning. After you get yours, your mouth will feel fresh, because it is. It’s like hitting the reset button on tooth decay and gum disease.

And finally, the next best thing to prevention with any cancer is early detection. And so the same goes for oral cancer. Our dentist in Merrimac will check you for any signs, and refer you promptly to an appropriate specialist if detected.

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