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Laser Dentist in Merrimac

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Laser Dentistry in Merrimac

Laser Dentist in Merrimac
Laser Dentist in Merrimac

Our laser dentist in Merrimac utilizes the the latest dental equipment and technology that allow our doctor to practice dentistry using the most up-to-date techniques available. Among the tools and techniques we use are digital imaging and dental lasers, our practice uses two different types of lasers an Erbium and a Nd:Yag The Erbium targets water in the tooth and is used for cavities and the Nd:Yag is used for periodontal treatments.

Our laser dentist in Merrimac can offer patients many advantages by using these new technologies. When using lasers there is often no need for needles (our practice does 60% – 70% of our restorations using no needles) and anesthetics and usually procedures can be done without drilling, which is a relief for most patients. Lasers work by producing a focused beam of infrared light energy, which absorbs the water out of the tooth or gums. It literally vaporizes decay into a mist. The patient feels no pain and using the infrared beam the procedure is more precise and there is often less tooth material removed making for a much more conservative restoration.

For periodontal disease our laser dentist in Merrimac uses the technology to remove bacteria and harmful smear layers on the teeth and roots that allow the gum tissue to reattach and reduce the deep pockets between the teeth and gums. Laser gum surgery is done without scalpels, stitches and with far less post-operative pain, bleeding or inflammation, Laser dentistry is also available for root canal procedures that can now be done more conservatively with less pain and post-operative discomfort. Lasers generally make almost any procedure less stressful and minimize the pain and discomfort associated with dental treatments while shortening recovery times. Don’t suffer from tooth problems and don’t be scared of going to the dentist, make an appointment with our office and see how new technologies are revolutionizing dentistry.

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