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Merrimac Dental Implants

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Dental implants in Merrimac

Merrimac dental implants
Merrimac dental implants

To make an informed decision about your tooth replacement options, you need to know the prose and cons of dental implants. At Amesbury Family Dental, you can enjoy the benefits of a complete smile once again.

There are many positive things to say about our Merrimac dental implants. First of all, they mimic the best qualities of real teeth. Consisting of both a tooth and a root, they don’t require messy adhesive like dentures do. And you won’t lose any material from your other teeth as is the case when you get a bridge. Instead, implants are self-sustaining. The root portion is the titanium post that becomes fused with your jaw bone for a long term and dependable foundation. With our Merrimac dental implants, you can speak, laugh, and chew with confidence. In fact, even the toughest and chewiest foods are well within your ability to have. It’s also true that with proper care, your implant can last for a lifetime. It will never be subject to tooth decay, cavities, a toothache, or the need for root canal. Brush it and floss between it and your other teeth as you would normally. So, what are the cons then? Implants may be more costly than a bridge or dentures. Also, the entire procedure takes several months, due to the time needed to allow your jaw bone to grow around the post fully. And if your jaw bone does not test sufficiently strong and thick, you would need to have bone grafting surgery to correct it. That may be more effort and time than some people are willing to put in.

Why not come in and discuss our Merrimac dental implants with our dentist? Have your questions answered and make the decision that is best for you, both now and in the future.

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