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Preventive care in Merrimac

Merrimac dentist
Merrimac dentist

Preventive care here at Amesbury Family Dental means not only a twice-yearly teeth cleaning, but when it comes to children, it also means sealants and fluoride treatments. Adults and children alike benefit greatly from avoiding cavities and gum disease far more than from having them treated after the fact. And that is the focus of our Merrimac dentist.

Dental plaque (and its hardened form, tartar) is at work all day, every day. This bacterial film-like substance erodes tooth enamel, decaying it to the point where cavities are formed. Once that happens, you may experience a toothache, get an infection, and need more urgent and complex treatments, such as root canal or a tooth extraction. But plaque also has a negative effect on gums. In the early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, the indications are generally mild, such as irritation and redness. But in the later stage, periodontitis, you can experience persistent bad breath, bleeding when you brush, and receding gums. If not addressed then, your vital gum and bone tissue can be lost, and your teeth may end up loose and even fall out as a result. In addition to your brushing and flossing at home, you should come in to see our Merrimac dentist every six months. A thorough, professional teeth cleaning will eliminate any remaining plaque, along with tartar buildup that is not effectively dealt with as part of your normal oral hygiene regimen. And because children are even more prone to tooth decay than adults, our Merrimac dentist is pleased to provide fluoride treatments, which strengthen your child’s tooth enamel, making it better able to resist the ravages of plaque and tartar. Sealants are made of plastic material and varnished onto the hard-to-reach crevices and depressions of your child’s chewing teeth. This offers another layer of protection against decay.

For effective preventive care for the entire family, book an appointment with us right now.

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