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Toothaches in Merrimac

Merrimac Emergency Dentist
Merrimac Emergency Dentist

Our Merrimac emergency dentist is available to address toothaches, which can be caused by anything from a cavity to a tooth infection. Even gum disease and jaw problems can be the reason for tooth pain. Here at Amesbury Family Dental, we are here when you need us the most.

It’s not always easy for you to identify the origin of your toothache, but our Merrimac emergency dentist can. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick physical and visual inspection of the tooth. More often, x-rays will be required. In the case of a cavity or a filling that has fallen out, the solution is simply to put in a new or replacement filling. A cracked or chipped tooth will typically call for a crown to be put on top to protect it, which if there is no damage to the nerve or root area, should be sufficient. Since a crown has to be made at the dental lab, you will be fitted with a temporary one in the meantime. If you do have an infection in the pulp, down near the nerve, ro
ot canal therapy is the answer. Not only will it alleviate your toothache, but it will also save the tooth, which is always the most preferable outcome. If you think that root canal therapy is scary, let us assure you that advancements in technology have made the procedure much more comfortable and nothing to be nervous about. Should the problem be traced back to the gums or jaws, the appropriate treatment will be undertaken. And in some instances, Merrimac emergency dentist may have to resort to extracting the tooth, if it is beyond the point of preservation.

Toothaches need to be taken care of in a timely manner. Don’t hesitate to contact our office when you are experiencing tooth pain of any degree.

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