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Merrimac Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Merrimac

Here at Amesbury Family Dental, we truly live up to our name. We welcome those from all age groups, so no matter what stage of life, you can depend on expert, experienced, focused care that is tailored to yours (or your child’s) unique needs, preferences, and goals. It’s all part of our complete commitment to our valued patients and optimal oral wellness.

Our Merrimac family dentist can assure you that there is more that all ages have in common when it comes to maintaining the health of teeth and gums than is often realized. Sure, kids require more attention on the transition represented by baby teeth growing in and falling out, and then adult teeth erupting later. But the similarities, regardless of how young or old, are much more numerous. Our Merrimac family dentist recommends a twice-yearly dental exam and teeth cleaning for all patients. Dental plaque and tartar don’t care what your age is. They are working tirelessly to decay your tooth structure and to irritate, inflame, and infect your gums. Cavities, toothaches, root canals, erosion of gum and bone tissue, and loss of teeth are all distinct possibilities without regular care. Our office is also dedicated to providing our patients with the benefits of the latest technology. Chief among these is laser dentistry, in which you can take advantage of more comfortable treatment, less drilling, fewer needles, quicker healing, and more effective results. And because we know that nervousness and fear of dentistry still exists, despite our goal of painless and gentle care, nitrous oxide sedation is available to ensure that you feel relaxed and calm in any circumstance.

We sincerely hope that you will choose our Merrimac family dentist for you, your kids, and your entire household. We look forward to seeing you. So reach out to our office now and book an appointment.

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