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Periodontal therapy in Merrimac

Merrimac local dentist
Merrimac local dentist

In order to properly take care of your overall dental health, you will need to take care of both your teeth and your gums. The health of your teeth and gums are intrinsically related and often affect one another. If your gum health is poor, it could lead to tooth and bone loss, so it is imperative that you get the treatment that you need as soon as possible. Here at Amesbury Family Dental, our Merrimac local dentist can assess your gum health and provide you with the treatments that you need in order restore your dental health. With periodontal therapy, you can overcome gum disease.

Gum disease can be very dangerous. The early stages of gum disease are more commonly known by the name gingivitis. Gingivitis is fairly mild but that does not mean that it should not be taken seriously. When gingivitis develops, that means that your gums have already begun to recede. The symptoms of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, include red, swollen and tender gums that may even bleed easily or often. The sooner you treat gingivitis the sooner you will avoid more widespread damage. Gingivitis is often treated with several dental cleanings and by adjusting your at-home oral hygiene regiment, but more serious forms of gum disease will require more intensive treatments. Here at Amesbury Family Dental our Merrimac local dentist can administer periodontal therapy to alleviate the issue. When it comes to more advanced stages of this condition, you will need deeper cleanings such as periodontal root scaling and planing or even surgery, such as a gum reattachment procedure. In some cases, antibiotics are used to help get rid of infection and inflammation as well. It all depends on your dental health and what your needs happen to be.

If you believe that you have gum disease, then please do not wait any longer to receive treatment. With periodontal therapy here at Amesbury Family Dental you can get the complete care and attention that you need. Call us here at our dental offices today to schedule an appointment with our Merrimac local dentist.

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