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Merrimac Root Canal

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Restorative dentistry in Merrimac

Merrimac root canal
Merrimac root canal

At our dental practice, Amesbury Family Dental, you will be able to receive a wide range of services using the latest dental technology. Whether you need a Merrimac root canal or other type of restorative dentistry, our dentist, Dr. Sanford Greenberg, will be able to provide this for you, using a dental laser.

When a patient comes to us with a tooth that is painful when they eat something hot or cold, they may end up needing to have root canal therapy. A root canal is the only way that a tooth can be saved once it is infected or damaged in its interior. At our dental practice, patients are very happy to learn that they can have a Merrimac root canal using a laser. There are many benefits to using a laser for root canals. When work is done with a laser there is less post-operative discomfort, and even little or no need for any type of narcotic pain relief after surgery. We use a laser that uses photon induce photoacoustic streaming, which is used to cleanse the inside of the root canal system. During the root canal all damaged pulp is removed from the interior of the tooth, and the tooth and root canal system are thoroughly cleaned. Our dentist is also able to use the laser when providing patients with cavity treatment. The laser is also used when restorative dentistry is being performed, so there is little to no need to use any type of dental drill. The laser will actually numb the tooth while it is focused on the tooth. There are several advantages to our dentist using a laser including elimination of the need to use a drill, or provide the patient with anesthesia. When our dentist performs work with the laser it is much more precise so less tooth enamel is removed. Lasers can also reduce the amount of bleeding that occurs during surgery, and reduces the amount of bacteria at the site as well.

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