Merrimac root canal

Merrimac Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Merrimac

The more that you know about root canal therapy, how it is performed, what to expect, and what outcome it is expected to bring, you’ll feel at ease and relaxed about it. Here at Amesbury Family Dental, we’re committed to gentle, skilled care for all our valued patients.

Tooth infections are no fun. That is something that anyone who has ever experienced one will surely agree about. Pain is often severe. Though it may start off as more mild, don’t be misled. Timely attention is important. You might notice that the pain is most noticeable when you put pressure on the tooth, or you chew food with it. Sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot or cold is also typical. And gum tenderness and/or tooth discoloration may also be noticed. The purpose of our Merrimac root canal is to remove the infected tissue, and then restore the tooth to its normal state of functioning. The entire procedure, which is non-surgical (no cutting, no stitches) begins by accessing the pulp and nerve, where the infection is. They are at the base of the tooth inside. Getting there requires drilling, but let us assure you that sufficient local anesthesia is used to keep you numb. Most of our patients report back that there was very little discomfort, and very often none at all. After the pulp and nerve are taken out, the canals are then cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. That is all there is to our Merrimac root canal. Once the tooth heals, it will be as strong and viable as any of your other teeth. To restore the portion that was removed through drilling, you’ll be fitted with a dental crown.

Our Merrimac root canal is the solution to save your tooth so it won’t have to be extracted. Reach out to our office. We will book a prompt appointment for you.

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