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Teeth Whitening in Merrimac

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Dental cleanings in Merrimac

Teeth whitening in Merrimac
Teeth whitening in Merrimac

Do you know what the most important thing you can do to help keep your teeth healthy and your gums in excellent condition is? The answer is to have regular dental cleanings along with a great at-home brushing and flossing routine. If you want to have healthy and bright teeth, you may also want to have teeth whitening in Merrimac.

At Amesbury Family Dental, we provide all the care that you need to keep your smile healthy, bright and white. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is closely connected to having periodic dental cleanings. And, if that alone is not enough to get your teeth as white as you like, we can also help you by providing teeth whitening in Merrimac at Amesbury Family Dental. Our expert and dedicated dentist is Dr. Sanford Greenberg. Our dentist has been serving our community since 1981 when our practice first opened. Today more and more patients are requesting that they have teeth whitening performed, but the advice for how to keep teeth and gums healthy has remained the same – get periodic dental cleanings and regular checkups at Amesbury Family Dental.

Teeth whitening in Merrimac is the most vital thing to do at our practice to have the whitest and brightest smile. When you get a dental cleaning, you are doing the most important thing to help prevent gum disease. Dental cleanings at our dentist office are very important as they will remove the tartar that cannot be removed by ordinary brushing. The cleaning will also remove all the plaque and bacteria that is on your teeth that is not being reached by your at-home brushing routine. If plaque and tartar are allowed to remain on your teeth, it will work its way between the gums and the teeth and form deep pockets. These pockets will continue to deepen and the infection will continue to grow. When the infection reaches the jawbone the jawbone will weaken. When this happens teeth may begin to loosen and fall out. This can generally be prevented by having a good at-home dental care routine and then making sure that you come to us for routine dental cleanings. It is an easy and pain-free way to keep your teeth healthy. Then add to it teeth whitening in Merrimac at Amesbury Family Dental and you will have a stunning, healthy smile that will last you a lifetime!

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