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Tooth Re-Mineralization (white spot removal)

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Are you tired of the white spots on your teeth and how their uneven color is taking away from the aesthetics of your smile? Here at Amesbury Family Dental, we often have patients who seek treatment from our Amesbury cosmetic dentist because they would like to rid their smiles from these unsightly, extra-white spots. The white spots can occur for a number of reasons. The generalized reason is that the enamel on your teeth has been weakened in some way. There are two main causes of the weakened tooth enamel that leads to these white spots. The first is if there was damage to your teeth as they erupted and developed, which you may not have been aware of at the time. It can occur even from simply clenching your jaw too hard. The trauma from such incidences can have an impact on how your teeth develop and result in the white sports you see today. The other main reason is as a consequence of dental cavities. If you are eating and drinking foods and beverages that are highly acidic, you may start to notice white spots on your teeth. In these instances, the white spots serve as a sort of warning of cavities to come. If you see white spots, whether you have an idea as to how they got there or not, you should schedule an appointment with our Amesbury cosmetic dentist as soon as possible so that we can work with you to find the cause of the issue, and from there work to find a solution. We often use a process called re-mineralization here at Amesbury Family Dental, as it has proven to be an effective for removing white spots and restoring the enamel of your teeth, leaving you with a healthier and more beautiful smile.

If you are looking to learn more about re-mineralization or any of the other services provided by our cosmetic dentist in Amesbury, we encourage you to visit the main Amesbury Family Dental website to browse through all of the additional information we have made available for our patients there. Should you have any lingering questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our staff for assistance.

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